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If the sea can shape an entire way of life, imagine what it can do for you. We invite you to immerse yourself in our spectacular landscape. Taste our incredible seafood. Listen to our world-renowned music. But most of all enjoy our legendary, down-home hospitality.

Nova Scotia has a well earned reputation for outstanding hospitality; it's in this rich tradition that we offer our assistance.  We invite you to เกมออนไลน์contact us and allow us to provide you with inspired media tour opportunities that will help you to get to know all regions of our province.

Individual press trips - Nova Scotia can help to develop an itinerary for qualified media. We can coordinate accommodation, attraction admission, outdoor activities, interviews, partner introductions, ground transportation, meals.

Group press trips - please inquire as we have several impressive itineraries to choose from.

Nova Scotia Press Trips

Nova Scotia has a well earned reputation for outstanding hospitality; it's in this rich tradition that we offer our assistance. We invite you to contact us and allow us to provide you with inspired media tour opportunities that will help you to get to know all regions of our province. If you are interested visiting Nova Scotia for media opportunities, please download our Media Assistance Request Form and submit to us.  

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** Please note that Tourism Nova Scotia has adopted Destination Canada’s segmentation tool, EQ (Explore Quotient), to help form our development and marketing initiatives. EQ moves beyond the traditional demographic market segmentation (age, gender, income, etc.) and segments the market based on travel values.  Our content marketing is targeted to our 3 core EQ segments:  Authentic Experiences, Cultural Explorers and Free Spirits.   Geographically, we focus our efforts on Ontario/Quebec, New England, UK and Germany.  So the more you can help us to develop and push out content to target and align with these segments, the better!  Click here for more information on EQ Segments.  

Sample Itineraries

Need some inspiration? Here are a few ideas of how to get the most of your Nova Scotia experience.

Grand Nova Scotia Driving Tour:  You can embrace the spirit of the perfect road trip here. A car is optional, because you can also bike, hike, sail or paddle your way to spontaneous discovery. Throw away your map, and find as much freedom in the stops in-between as in the places you planned to go.  

Halifax - Capital City by the Sea: Halifax deftly blends the past with the present to produce a skyline dotted with elegant 18th- and 19th-century architecture alongside ultra-modern towers of glass and steel. The heart of Halifax is perfect for exploring on foot, with tree-lined streets, international restaurants, galleries, libraries and museums. Inviting sidewalk cafés beckon you to while away a few hours amid park-like, waterfront, and historic settings in the busy downtown, often with a backdrop of the bustling harbour, which entertains ship traffic from every corner of the globe. Indeed the waterfront continues to be a hot spot, boasting some of the city’s most stimulating entertainment and most fascinating historical landmarks. Day and night, the downtown area pulsates with the rhythms of local music and the excitement that characterizes life in a cosmopolitan centre. We have the most pubs per capita in all of North America, so stopping in to enjoy live music and a brew is a must. Feast at culinary hot spots and award winning restaurants dedicated to seasonal, locally found seafood and produce and Nova Scotia wines. Explore the outskirts of the city, from the spectacular Peggy’s Cove to the rustic shores of Eastern Passage.  

South Shore - Lighthouse & Legends: Come and celebrate the timeless romance of the sea. The Lighthouse Route journeys through an unforgettable landscape of coastal beauty and historic charm that has captured the hearts and minds of travellers for generations. Follow shoreline roads past rugged, wave-carved headlands and tranquil, island-studded bays. Discover historic towns and weathered fishing villages where legends of the sea come alive and the rhythm of life moves in harmony with the tides. The Lighthouse Route follows Nova Scotia’s South Shore, where the past is a part of everyday life. You’ll find it along quiet country roads where ox teams still haul lumber, and coastal villages where fishermen still row wooden dories out to sea. And yes, we have lighthouses too!

Yarmouth & Acadian Shores: The southwestern most tip of Nova Scotia is renowned for its Acadian roots, colourful fishing villages, towering churches and the spectacular Cape Forchu Light Station. Yarmouth is the hub of this region and is a great stopping point for hiking, fishing and seafaring adventures, while cultural enthusiasts can discover a bounty of local music, theatre, crafts, museums, galleries and historic architecture. The Acadian Shores have a history dating back over 400 years and contain French-speaking villages like Pubnico, the world’s oldest Acadian community. Be sure to try out local culinary specialties, like creamed lobster and rappie pie.

Annapolis Valley - Champlain's Wine Country: The Annapolis Valley is Canada’s up-and-coming wine destination with over a dozen established wineries in this region alone. Perfect boutique wineries and unique varietals such as Marechal Foch and L’Acadie Blanc make tours and tastings a must-do in this region. Food lovers will delight in the bounty of land and sea. Feast upon succulent Digby scallops or visit the Hall’s Harbour Lobster Pound for the catch of the day. Explore plentiful farmers’ markets and U-picks of the Annapolis Valley where fresh strawberries, blueberries and apples inspire many a seasonal local dish. Throughout the region, you can explore the legends of Nova Scotia’s First People, the Mi’kmaq, and of the settlers who arrived in the 1600’s with Samuel de Champlain and set up camp at historic Port-Royal National Historic Site, eventually becoming known as the Acadians. Port-Royal along with Grand-Pre National Historic Site, and Fort Anne National Historic Site provide an important history lesson about the life and deportation of the Acadians.

Bay of Fundy / Glooscap Trail - Tidal Influence: Legends from the Mi’kmaq culture tell the primeval story of the Maritime provinces through tales of the mighty Glooscap, who created Five Islands and controlled the great tides with his magic. And it’s the tides that create experiences that are magically unique. Walk on the ocean floor at low tide; experience the thrill of rafting upriver on the tidal bore; kayak around sea stacks thousands of years old; examine 350 million-year-old fossils on the beach. This is a land where eagles and osprey soar, where moose graze in quiet marshes and year round migrations bring hundreds of thousands of shorebirds.

Northumberland Shore - Warm Waters & Swirling Pipes: The warm, sparkling blue waters and wide sandy beaches of the Northumberland Strait make this region a vacation paradise. The Northumberland Shore offers more warm-water ocean beaches than anywhere else in Atlantic Canada! Freshly caught lobster, wild blueberries from Oxford and maple syrup from Sugar Moon Farm are just a few of the delicacies found in this region. Sample some award-winning wines while you enjoy the lush vineyards at Jost Vineyards in Malagash, renowned for their warm hospitality and perfectly chilled ice wine. This region was also the landing place of the first Scottish immigrants in Nova Scotia. From museums and heritage sites to kilt-swirling and pipe-skirling, toes are sure to get tapping in this that celebrates our Scottish culture.

Cape Breton - Ceilidh to the Cabot Trail: Scottish traditions and Gaelic folklore come alive along the Ceilidh Trail. Ceilidh (pronounced kay-lee) is Gaelic for party or gathering, and if you listen closely you might hear the heart-stirring music of bagpipes and fiddles echoing through the glens of this beautiful corner of Cape Breton Island. Celtic music in North America was born here and if the musicians of Cape Breton can’t get your toes tapping, you better check your pulse! All this leads to the Cabot Trail, a magnificent highway carved into the edge of ancient highlands where eagles soar above you, seals splash below you and moose wander alongside. From the enchanting Acadian village of Cheticamp, where world-famous hooked rugs are handcrafted, to the greens of the Cabot Links to the 950 square kilometres of Cape Breton Highlands National Park, this is a destination where wonderful is waiting around every bend in the road.

Cape Breton - Storm the Fortress & Sail On: Welcome to Cape Breton’s rolling heartland, where the highlands meet the lowlands along the shores of the island’s beautiful inland sea - the Bras d’Or Lake. The charming village of Baddeck is a favourite stop for sailors and those looking for tranquil beauty in the heart of the island. It’s the reason why its most famous resident was Alexander Graham Bell, who built two homes on his estate he called “Beinn Bhreagh”, Scottish Gaelic for “Beautiful Mountain”. In addition to being credited as the inventor of the telephone, Bell worked on many other world achievements while in Baddeck, including a hydrofoil that set a long-lasting speed record for watercraft and the first manned flight of an airplane in the British Commonwealth. Move along to the island’s historical capital, Sydney – a perfect mix of metropolitan charm and down home hospitality. Get your photo taken beside the world’s largest fiddle, before traveling further down the road to step back to the 18th century at the Fortress of Louisbourg National Historic Site, the largest reconstruction of its kind in North America. Along the way are many other treasures to discover, from exploring centuries-old Acadian villages to descending to the deeps on a coal mine tour a mile beneath the ocean floor.

Eastern Shore - Surfing & Serenity: Quiet shoreline roads lead you to pounding surf beaches and romantic seaside villages where the traditions and legends of the sea come alive. This rugged coastline is littered with glorious beaches that provide the perfect setting for outdoor adventure. With an abundance of sea kayaking, hiking, birding, coastal activities and four seasons of fantastic surfing, the outdoor enthusiast will feel like they're in heaven.

Culinary Tour - Sweet Southern Ride: Some of the country’s best restaurants, top chefs, award-winning wineries and internationally-renowned culinary vacation experiences are on the menu in Southwestern Nova Scotia. Delicacies like maple syrup, blueberries, lobster, scallops, oysters, mussels and more aren’t just on the menu … they are the featured component. Meet the producers and operators who are more than just suppliers … they are your guides. Top off each meal with our award-winning wines - a perfect complement to our delectable seafood and fresh produce.

Culinary Tour - Life in the Feast Lane: The warm, sparkling blue waters and wide sandy beaches of the Northumberland Strait make the northeastern region of Nova Scotia a vacation paradise. The Northumberland Shore offers more warm-water ocean beaches than anywhere else in Atlantic Canada! Freshly caught lobster, wild blueberries, and maple syrup are just a few of the delicacies found in this region. Sample award-winning wines or fresh seasonal microbrews … there are a wide range of locally made products to accompany each and every morsel so hang on and savour the ride!