Outdoor Adventure

There’s a unique kind of freedom you get from being outdoors in a place like Nova Scotia. It helps you rediscover the rejuvenating power of spontaneous adventure. You’ll feel it when you hike a rocky coastal trail and just have to stop and stare out to sea. When you paddle down a meandering river and imagine how the Mi’kmaq navigated these waters hundreds of years ago. When you round a bend on a bike trail and smile because there’s still a long way to go.

Choose a landscape, a seascape…and a normal life escape. A lot of great outdoors is packed into Nova Scotia. Scramble across cliffs with so many fossils they’re recognized as a world heritage site. Raft the cresting waves of a Bay of Fundy tidal bore. Dive deep into history and explore a shipwreck. Or go bouldering on glacial rocks. And at the end of the day, you can rough it in a backwoods tent or relax on a comfy B&B bed. Grill freshly caught trout over an open campfire, or let others do the cooking at an award-winning restaurant. It’s your adventure, and your comfort level.

Tobeatic Wilderness Adventures

Travel by helicopter into the Tobeatic Wilderness Area for 7-days of total wilderness immersion and the tranquility it offers with Ukaliq Tours.

Mussel Picking

Go on a mussel tour at Murphy’s Campground on the Eastern Shore. Picking mussels is like picking blueberries...except you will be up to your knees in water!

Trail Riding

Take advantage of scenic trail rides where the view in every direction is breathtaking at Spirit Reins Ranch in Parrsboro. Trail riding packages in-clude tidal floor fossil tours, picnic rides and Bay of Fundy beach walks.

Golf Getaway

Breathtaking scenery and world class courses come together to make Nova Scotia a top golf destination. Cabot Links and Cabot Cliffs, Highland Links and Fox Harb’r are a few of the top rates courses in Canada.


Who says road trips require a car? With a landscape that includes mountain highlands, river valleys, rugged seacoasts, low-lying farmlands and historic towns, cycling is an invigorating way to get up close and personal with Nova Scotia. On your own or with a guided tour, Nova Scotia is a natural cycling destination for both novice and expert. Find your ideal ride with a new map series and website launched by Bicycle Nova Scotia detailing five of our top cycling routes. The maps and GPS downloads are available from www.cyclenovascotia.ca.

Advocate Boat Tours

Advocate Boat Tours offers spectacular views of tjhe Bay of Fundy from a variety of perspectives:   300 metre cliffs at Isle Haute, seal colonies, the Lighthouse at Cape D'Or, the extraordinary Cape Split, Cape Chignecto and more! This experience adds to the Advocate area as a growing destination that includes Cape Chignecto Provincial Park, the Wild Caraway Restaurant (one of the most highly rated restaurants in Nova Scotia), Nova Shores Adventures Kayak tours, Age of Sail Museum, Spencer’s Island (where the Mary Celeste ghost ship was built) and much more!

Snorkel With Whales during a soft-in-water encounter!

Captain Zodiak Whale Cruises in Cheticamp now offers a unique and meaningful way to encounter whales in their natural environment. By entering the water quietly and floating peacefully as a group, the participants minimize any disturbance to the whales and then allow the whale to choose to approach or not. It is an encounter in their environment, on their terms.

Kayak Tours of Yarmouth

Song of the Paddle Kayak Tours now offers kayak tours of Yarmouth waterfront and Lobster Bay in Argyle. They will have some new tour offerings next year.

Keppoch Mountain Gravity Bike Park

The Keppoch Mountain Gravity Bike Park is the first of its kinds in Nova Scotia. Keppoch offers seasonal Shuttle Serviced Downhill Mountain Bike Trails: 1 beginner Trail (Chicken Cougar), 1 intermediate trail (Roller), and 4 Expert Trails (Old School, Money Shot, Freeride, & Skyline). Trails range from 1.1 to 1.5 km’s in length each. Shuttles are served by 4×4 Truck and Trailer equipped with Tufracks capable of carrying 14 riders and bikes/trip.

Halifax History & Photography Tours

Guided history walks of Halifax meet travel photography experience with Picture Perfect Tours! Expert guides double as photo instructors and history professors, showcasing archival images of Halifax while offering tips and tricks to make the most of your photography. Small groups provide plenty of interaction & camaraderie with both Maritimers & visitors alike learning forgotten stories of our old port town while sharing photography insights – no matter your skill level, camera or style.

Plankton, Periwinkles and Predators

Gael Tours now offers "PLANKTON, PERIWINKLES AND PREDATORS" – a tour that allows visitors to walk along the ocean floor where the low tides of the Bay of Fundy expose several zones of seashore life, including periwinkles and barnacles. Retired science teacher Greg Turner will help you experience the wide diversity of life and the interconnections among the species found there. There is always something new to discover as you get up close and personal with the flora and the fauna during this hands-on adventure.

Lumberjack Training

Receive hands on lumberjack training with World Champion lumberjack, Darren Hudson! Located at his Riverside Park in a beautiful setting along the timeless Barrington River, this location is sure to offer an experience like no other in North America! Darren will personally guide you through some of the essential and exciting lumberjack skills such as logrolling, tree climbing, axe throwing, bow sawing or cross cut sawing. Come prepared to step outside your comfort zone and try something new!  Speaking of new, Darren has expanding his lumberjack training to Halifax with the opening of The Timber Lounge.